Juvenile Intervention Program (JIP)

The Juvenile Intervention Program (J.I.P.) was designed to protect troubled adolescents the world of incarceration. Juveniles have misconceptions in what life in prison is really like. They see events including police pursuits, gang violence and drive by shootings and don’t recognize the implications of conduct that is criminal. The youth of today have developed a respect for the wrong notion and also offenders that life in the legal justice program is glamorous. TV or media has usually provided this misconception in the juvenile having relatives as well as friends that have been through the jail program.

This system is just not designed for all juveniles. It is geared toward those who have started to take part in negative behaviours and/or attitudes, or are heading down a path of violence, medications, gangs or alcohol.

Juveniles are exposed to the realities of jail life and are also taken to the Coroner’s Section to determine the worlds of death. During this time around, information is received by the parents on various topics such as addressing various adolescent troubles, communicating, drug and alcohol acknowledgement, gang awareness, and parenting styles.

This Plan Was Made to:
• Address criminal and behavior that is negative
• Provide collaboration between the community, law enforcement and schools
• Increase comprehension and understanding of the legal justice system
• Accentuate the legal consequences of the criminal justice system and of violating the law
• Highlight the legal between schools, the community and law enforcement
• Emphasize the legal connections between the city, law enforcement and schools

Organisation: Sheriffs Department
Region: San Bernardino County

More Information: http://cms.sbcounty.gov/sheriff/Divisions/PublicAffairs/JuvenileInterventionProgram.aspx