Jeopardy Program

Gang prevention and intervention

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Jeopardy Program is focused on helping children avoid a life of gangs and crime. As a community, we have to realize that the continuously growing gang problem is not going to evaporate by itself. The children of our community need to realize that there are alternatives to gangs; areas where they grow physically and psychologically, meet new friends, feel safe and can belong. These young people must realize there are concerned adults who’ll care about them now and in the future.

The Jeopardy Program is a gang prevention/intervention program for boys and girls ages 8 through 17 and their parents. Danger unites the potency of neighborhood schools the city and also the police department to effect positive, lifelong attitudinal changes in the young folks to be able to truly have a positive impact on the community.
Risk targets “at risk” kids, offering a variety of educational and physical jobs, from tutoring to martial arts.

The aims of the Jeopardy Program are:

  • Decrease truancy
  • Improve grades
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Decrease the risk of gang involvement
  • Improve conflict resolution and other life-affirming skills
  • Improve and demonstrate goal-setting skills
  • Improve reading and writing
  • Decrease violent and other inappropriate behavior

Organisation: LA Police Dept
Region: Los Angeles

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