California’s Repeat Offender Prevention Program (ROPP)

An intensive program targeting youthful offenders at high risk of getting long-term delinquents using wraparound services and intensive oversight to deal with school behavior, substance use, and high-risk behaviours. This program is rated No Effects. The treatment and control group revealed no statistically significant differences for warrants and days in instruction outcomes, new offenses or custody.

Initially produced by the Orange County (California) Probation Department in the early nineties, the application features a composite of wrap around services and intensive oversight.

There were small variations in the service delivery models used at each site. Some ROPP counties implemented a centralized model by which participants received all solutions at a “ one-quit centre.” Yet, each of the sites stuck to exactly the same fundamental application model—relying on a multi disciplinary intervention team to provide integral services and improved case management to any or all participating youths as well as their loved ones.

Organisation: Probation/Parole Services,
Region: California

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