Group Violence Reduction Strategy

The Group Violence Reduction Technique (GVRS) is a focused deterrence intervention that has been implemented in New Orleans, Louisiana, with all the aim of addressing consistent, citywide routines of violence. The centered deterrence method, which is based on the Boston CeaseFire model, was created to work with problem analyses to spot high risk groups and gangs, to propose gang members along with other group-involved violent offenders (throughout call in telling sessions) that they will be put through intensified enforcement and prosecution if they continue engaging in violence, and to supply the targeted individuals with access to social services.

GVRS targets members of gangs and criminally active groups that are recognized through multi-agency partnerships. Those identified become the targets of a three-pronged approach: police force, threat of increased prosecution, and access to social services.

This focused deterrence technique in New Orleans, Louisiana, intends to reduce murder and gang violence. This system is rated Successful. There were statistically significant decreases seen in overall murder, firearm-related murder, gang member-involved murder, and firearm assault in the pretest to the posttest period. Additionally, New Orleans demonstrated considerably decreased murder rates following the plan was executed, compared with 14 towns with related violent crime rates.

Organisation: The New Orleans Police Department
Region: New Orleans, Louisiana

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